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Navigate Your Life Path with Certainty and KNOWING.

Rise Above Faith

Do you want to attain a higher level of spirituality that gives you a sharper sense of internal knowing?

Do you want to gain a clearer sense of what is true and not true for you, so you can flow into a more focused life journey?

If so, today could be the day a new life transformation begins for you.

The seeds for this exciting change can be found in Can San Trantow’s new book, Master Your Spiritual Journey: Connect to the Wisdom of Your Inner Guru.

Can San is a renowned spiritual teacher, life coach, and author.

He is deeply dedicated to touching the lives of others by sharing tools, lessons, and exercises that empower you to navigate your life path with greater certainty and self-mastery.

Nurture Your Spirit With Timeless Wisdom

Through Can San’s personal stories and insights, Master Your Spiritual Journey fuels you with the wisdom you need to feel more confident in your ability to…

  • Form a direct connection with Spirit that is true and YOURS
  • Benefit from a deeper understanding of the world around you
  • Connect with your inner guru through meditation and energy healing
  • Develop an inner guidance system that infuses your intuition with clarity

You’ll learn to find joy in growing spiritually and identifying who YOU really are as a spiritual being.

The result will be answers where you once had questions, and a definite sense of knowing, even when the way seems unsure.

Book Specifications

Title: Master Your Spiritual Journey: Connect to the Wisdom of Your Inner Guru
Author: Can San Trantow
Publisher: Shiva Dharma Publishing
ISBN – Paperback: 978-1-7330519-0-3
ISBN – eBook: 978-1-7330519-1-0
Genres: Spirituality, Religion, Meditation, Self-Help, Chakras
Retail Price: $29.95 (Wholesaler discounts available-contact Shiva Dharma Publishing)
Format: Paperback & eBook, 22 B&W Photos
Trim: 5.5” x 8.5”
Pages: 186
Release Date: October 3, 2019
Distributed by: Ingram

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4 Transformative Elements.

In Master Your Spiritual Journey, Can San Trantow imparts practical and powerful wisdom through a series of lessons and exercises that center on four essential elements on which you can tune your spirit.

Fire           Water

Air            Earth

Each element is a representation of a fundamental aspect of your being. The step-by-step exercises you’ll learn that revolve around these elements will connect you closer to your inner guru.

9 Powerful Revelations

Master Your Spiritual Journey also introduces you to nine powerful revelations of self.

  • Destiny

  • Truth

  • Love
  • Humility
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Unity
  • Power
  • Simplicity

When you read about these traits with an open heart and mind, you’ll be guided to connect with your own version of these revelations and their corresponding symbols.

You’ll learn how to develop daily meditations around these revelations that help you dig deeper into your being and your true, authentic purpose.

The result will be answers where you once had questions, and a definite sense of knowing, even when the way seems unsure.

About the Author.

Can San Trantow

Teacher | Coach | Author

“You can do this! You really can reach higher to attain a greater level of spirituality and a fully developed sense of certainty and knowing. My purpose is empowering you to do this by helping you connect with the wisdom of your inner guru.” —Can San Trantow

Can San Trantow is a spiritual teacher, life coach, martial arts instructor, author, and archery coach. He lives with his wife MaRa, their daughter Shiva, and their dog Daisy Doodle in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Can San’s path has led him to meet and learn from several spiritual teachers and gurus. Ultimately, his journey led him to meeting his own guru in Agni Eickermann (

Through Agni’s teachings, Can San discovered how the world of Spirit becomes open and accessible through a skillful and devoted practice of meditation and energy healing.

Today, Can San is dedicated to touching the lives of others by teaching seminars and courses that enable you to develop your inner guidance so you can navigate your life path with certainty and self-mastery.

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    “The time to wake up to your SELF is now! Can San’s book will light the way for you.”

    — Agni Eickermann